Green SmoothieS

Smoothies are one of the easiest things you could make when you're in a pinch! Green smoothies are like liquid multivitamins. Because they are already blended, they're great for your digestive system and they also help to keep you hydrated. Here's how to make them:

1) Pick your liquid

- Water

- Coconut Water

-Almond Milk

2) Choose your greens

- Spinach (mild flavour)

- Romaine (mild flavour)

- Kale

- Swiss Chard

- Beet Greens

3) Choose any combo of fruits and veggies

- Celery

- Cucumber

- Apples (Love Gala apples in smoothies)

- Pear

- Banana

- Berries

- Mango

4) Lemon

Adding lemon juice or any fruit with high levels of vitamin C increases to bioavailability of the Iron in the greens. In other words, you will absorb it better, which is really important if you are following a plant based diet.

The above ingredients are just suggestions. Have fun experimenting and finding your favourite combos!