'Go Raw'



Happy to give these little bite sized cookies a try, perfect for little hands! I guess they are technically cookies but with such a short and healthy ingredient list (only 4!) they're definitely a guilt free indulgence! The base for all of them is sprouted sesame seeds, coconut and dates. Then they just add whatever flavour for the 4th ingredient (cocoa, lemon oil, ginger etc.)

These raw vegan cookies are high in fibre, calcium and iron and make a perfect back to school snack! Our favourite was Lemon Pie, also loved Choco Crunch and the Ginger Snap was so-so. As a wise man once said though, "two out of three ain't bad"...oh wait, I think that was Meatloaf...

Anyways, bottom line is I love that these are refined sugar free, allergy friendly and my little one loved them too. Always happy to have healthy options to grab on the go.