• 1 C Unsweetened Shredded Coconut (plus extra for sprinkling)
• 1/4 C Almond Flour
• 2 Tbsp Maple Syrup
• 2 Tbsp Melted Coconut Oil
• 2 Tbsp Coconut Cream
• Pinch of Pink Sea Salt
• Dark Chocolate for Coating


• Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper, set aside.
• Add all ingredients EXCEPT dark chocolate to a med sized mixing bowl and mix until it becomes sticky. 
• Roll into balls (about 1 Tbsp each) and place on cookie sheet. Leave in the freezer for at least an hour.
• Melt chocolate and coat each ball, lifting them out with a fork, tapping to remove excess chocolate and place on cookie sheet. 
• Pop in the fridge until chocolate is set. 

Chocolate Covered Snowballs